Unleash the Power of AI and Your Data

to Optimize Claim Outcomes

Unleash the Power of AI and Data to Optimize Claim Outcomes

Identify At-Risk Claims Faster

Start getting alerts and insights on day one. Quickly spot potentially costly claims and take action before they escalate.

Reduce Your Claims Costs

Identify the best providers and attorneys and pursue the most cost-effective settlement strategy to reduce costs across your claims operation.

CLARA Triage

Mitigate escalating claim costs early, identify at-risk claims, and resolve them effectively with the right resources

CLARA Treatment

Quickly identify the best doctors for every claim

CLARA Litigation

Enlist AI-based scoring to minimize the cost and impact of litigation


By using CLARA Analytics a mid-sized carrier saw:



Annual savings by selecting better performing doctors & a four-week reduction in average claim length



Annual savings by reducing the average length of a claim via early intervention and better risk assessment



Annual savings with early intervention & attorney avoidance

MSP Compliance


Annual MSP savings using CLARA MSP Compliance


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