Clara Analytics

CLARA is Latin for “clear and bright”

We want to stay true to our name by having…

Clarity of Purpose

We exist to get injured workers back on track rapidly by providing claims teams the most advanced, scalable and easy-to-use analytic products.

Claims adjusters are our heroes. They are at the frontline of tackling workplace injuries and spend their days and nights coordinating activities across several groups to help the injured worker. Our job is to give adjusters the tools they need to make the right decisions quickly for the injured worker.

Clarity of Approach

CLARA also comes from “Santa Clara”, our home and the heart of Silicon Valley. Our approach reflects our Silicon Valley DNA. We are focused on building scalable, analytic products that are 10x better than alternatives. We will not get into products that we can’t be the best at by far.

Clarity around the Problem Space

To be the best, we need focus. We will focus on solving 2 problems that are core to our purpose.

PROBLEM 1: Suggesting the right providers to the injured worker

The outcome of an injury is impacted significantly by the provider chosen to address it. Through our Providers product, we will build the most comprehensive technology and analytic solution for the industry to help suggest the right provider for the claim.

PROBLEM 2: Help claims teams focus their efforts and reduce escalations and attorney involvement

The bulk of the claims are straightforward. However, a few complicated claims can change the level of cost and effort dramatically. Focusing the energy of the claims teams towards these complicated claims early can make a big difference in the outcome of the injury, build trust with the injured worker, and reduce costs significantly. Through our Claims product, we want to build the best air-traffic-controller possible to help claims adjusters focus their efforts.

OUR Values

We are enthusiastic problem-solvers at our core and want to maximize our impact on the injured worker’s and claims adjuster’s experience. Our values stem from this core.

  • Obsessive focus on the injured worker - Improving the injured worker’s experience will be our “true north.” Every feature we release will go one step further towards that goal.
  • Continuous innovation - We will never stop inventing and innovating through aggressive release cycles.
  • Deep respect by going the extra mile - Nothing big can be accomplished without terrific teams. Respect is the glue that binds high-performing teams together. We respect our team members, customers, partners, and users every step of the way by going the extra mile to help.

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