CLARA Treatment

Quickly identify the best doctors for every claim

CLARA Treatment enlists artificial intelligence (AI) to score doctors based on actual outcomes and compare them to thousands of relevant closed claims.
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Optimize care selection for better claim and patient outcomes

CLARA Treatment applies machine learning to identify doctors that are consistently associated with positive outcomes on prior claims.
Provider Performance Scoring
Adjusters can see the scores relevant to that claim, across several treatment dimensions, and take action.
Evaluate New Providers That Join The Claim
CLARA Treatment gives adjusters a quick snapshot of which outcomes to expect so they can know whether to invest more time in the case, knowing that the injured worker will get the best care.
Optimize Care Networks
AI-driven provider scores help benchmark care networks so you can spot gaps in quality, by specialty and location. You can identify potential providers to bring into the network or use scores to identify and remove low-scoring providers.

CLARA Treatment provides the most advanced provider scoring tool for casualty claims.

Adjusters, nurse case managers, and network optimization teams can now recommend the right doctor for a specific injury, recognize when injured workers see low-scoring doctors, and ensure care networks are set up to provide the best care for any given claim.

A true win-win! Augmented Intelligence to drive better health outcomes and cost savings.

The average A-rated doctor is thousands of dollars less expensive than low-scoring E providers. Select the optimal provider among over 300k rated in our ever-expanding database, with scores all based on real outcomes. The injured worker benefits by getting the best care available while you save on medical and indemnity expenses.

Augmented Intelligence For Your Casualty Claims Organization

Medical cost inflation, opioid prescription abuse and rising litigation expenses are all problems addressed by CLARA Treatment. Empower your claims organization and medical teams with the intelligence to play medical “Moneyball” and achieve the best outcomes for the insurer, insured and injured claimant.
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Key Benefits

  • Lower Medical Expenses
  • Decreased Claim Cycles & Return to Work Faster
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The Result?

  • Decrease in average # of medical visits
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction While Saving Loss Costs
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Ideal For

  • Claims Adjusters
  • Nurse Case Managers

Deliver Better Outcomes for Payers and Claimants


the right provider for the claim

CLARA Treatment displays a set of contributing factors and individual scores for each provider, so adjusters can see what led to the overall score for a specific case.

Unlock provider ratings nationwide

An intuitive UI makes providers easy to access any time, from any location. Adjusters can share insights with peers to get a second opinion from right within the application and can download score reports to send to an injured worker to provide a better understanding of available options.

Avoid medical escalations

CLARA Treatment’s medical severity predictive models help adjusters identify claims about to expand in cost and complexity and take action.

CLARA Treatment deploys in weeks with little IT effort

CLARA Treatment has the flexibility to integrate with you

CLARA Treatment is secure with annual certifications


Easy To Deploy

Our cloud-based platform can be up and running in 8-12 weeks after historical data is received, including model tuning, alert configuration, and hands-on training for adjusters.

Seamless Workflows

Adjusters can access claims directly via our cloud-based module at any time from any location, or flex their existing systems with our pre-built APIs for simple integration.

Security Is Our Priority

Rest easy with HIPAA compliance, annual SOC 2 certification, and data encryption that meets or exceeds industry standards in safeguarding your data.

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Optimize claims outcomes with the power of AI