CLARA Litigation

Minimize the Impact of Litigation with AI

CLARA Litigation uses AI for litigation risk prediction based on years of prior claims, identifying tightly defined claim cohorts that yield insights about the future direction of a claim.
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More favorable legal outcomes and lower claim costs

CLARA’s industry-leading AI detects the drivers of common cost escalations, generates attorney performance analytics, and delivers actionable recommendations that reduce attorney involvement and litigation rates.
Detect Litigation Risk
CLARA Litigation delivers detailed attorney performance analytics that rate attorney involvement likelihood and litigation likelihood.
Improve Outcomes With Defense Attorney Optimization
CLARA Litigation displays a set of contributing factors and individual scores for each attorney, so adjusters and attorney panel managers can see what led to the overall score.
Head-to-Head Attorney Matchups
Understand both defense and plaintiff past performance and see how they stack up to optimize your legal strategy.

Augmented Intelligence for Litigation Risk Prediction

CLARA Litigation looks at attorney outcomes on prior claims and scores them based on factors like performance and cost. Adjusters can detect litigation risk, manage attorney performance, and resolve claims effectively by keeping their current counsel focused on a claim or choosing a better fit from a list of high-scoring attorneys nearby. Legal panel managers can benchmark current panels and optimize their mix based on their scores.

Augmented Intelligence that Saves Customers Millions in Indemnity Expenses Annually

Our research found that for casualty claims with attorney involvement, the average indemnity costs are 390% higher than for unrepresented claims ($77,807 vs. $15,936). Claim duration is 295% higher. Fight social inflation with augmented intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence for Workers Comp, Commercial Auto and General Liability Claims

Social inflation and increased attorney involvement are hurting loss ratios across the casualty lines of business. Empower your claims organization and legal counsel with the intelligence to play legal “Moneyball” against plaintiff firms and third-party-funded litigation.
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Key Benefits

  • Lower Attorney Involvement
  • Optimized Legal Strategies
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The Result?

  • Indemnity expense reduction
  • Loss cost reductions
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Ideal For

  • Claim adjusters
  • Legal teams

Reduce The Cost And Impact Of Litigation


Avoid Potential Litigation

Litigation risk scores help adjusters identify claims about to expand in cost and complexity and take action. Anticipating the potential for litigation means an adjuster can focus on the claimant, making sure they understand the claims process and get the proper treatment.

See which claims have attorney mismatch

Identify cases where defense attorneys are up against a high-scoring plaintiff’s attorneys, raising the risk of an expensive outcome, or have achieved below-average results for similar claims in the past. Use detailed score explanations to decide whether to replace counsel or pursue settlement.

Locate top-performing attorneys

Quickly find attorneys whose prior record and outcomes indicate they are ideal for the case, whether they are part of your current panel or outside of it. Evaluate attorneys by score, panel, location, expertise, and more, and see frequently updated contact info to reach out quickly and learn more.

Enhance legal panels

Proactive legal panel managers can use scorecards as a means for defense panel selection and performance management. Firm-level scores enable them to spot the firms with the best attorneys to approach.

CLARA Litigation deploys in weeks with little IT effort

CLARA Litigation has the flexibility to integrate with you

CLARA Litigation is secure with annual certifications


Easy To Deploy

Our cloud-based platform can be up and running in 8-12 weeks after historical data is received, including model tuning, alert configuration, and hands-on training for adjusters.

Seamless Workflows

Adjusters can access claims directly via our cloud-based module at any time from any location, or flex their existing systems with our pre-built APIs for simple integration.

Security Is Our Priority

Rest easy with HIPAA compliance, annual SOC 2 certification, and data encryption that meets or exceeds industry standards in safeguarding your data.

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Optimize claims outcomes with the power of AI