How AI Delivers Claims Excellence

CLARA Analytics is excited to be exhibiting at Connected Claims USA 2022 in Chicago, IL. Come say hello at booth #422 to meet the CLARA team and catch a sneak preview of how CLARA is helping insurance professionals achieve claims excellence. RSVP here to learn

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Connected Claims USA 2022 Guide

Connected Claims USA 2022 is hosting 600+ insurance leaders in Chicago and promises to deliver “all the key information you need to adjust to changing customer expectations, capitalize on digital insurance opportunities, and create the competitive edge to be a winning claims organization. ”That’s why

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CLARA + Guidewire Build Connections with ClaimCenter Integration

CLARA Analytics is excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at Guidewire Connections 2022. Come say hello at booth S30 to meet the CLARA team and catch a sneak preview of how CLARA is building claims connections. RSVP here to learn more. CLARA Analytics is thrilled

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5 Must-Visit Vegas Attractions During Guidewire Connections 2022

Guidewire Connections 2022 brings Guidewire users together to inspire teams to do new and amazing things that bring success to their organizations.  The CLARA Analytics team is excited to exhibit and sponsor—and when we aren’t connecting with attendees at the conference, here’s where you might

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How Artificial Intelligence is Moving Workers Comp Forward

CLARA Analytics is excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference 2022. Come say hello at booth #437 to meet the CLARA team and catch a sneak preview of how CLARA is moving workers comp forward. RSVP here to

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5 Things to Do in Vegas During National Comp 2022

National Comp 2022 is an exciting opportunity to learn how to address the evolving challenges in workers comp while networking with the industry’s most influential executives, thought leaders, and fellow attendees. The CLARA Analytics team can’t wait to attend the industry’s largest national workers’ comp

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The Most Outdated Cloud Myths

Despite a meteoric increase in cloud adoption, executives at many insurance companies are still reluctant to make the move. Even as leaders within these organizations grapple with the imperative to modernize and innovate, many have a tendency to proceed with extreme caution. That’s understandable, but

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Viewpoint: Becoming a Data-Informed Claims Organization

We hear a lot of talk these days about the virtues of data-driven organizations. That’s certainly reasonable up to a point — but what does it really mean? When it comes to routine operational decisions, in particular, the current bias seems to favor increased automation

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5 Things to Do in Vegas During ITC 2022 – CLARA Analytics

The ITC Vegas 2022 conference is going to be a can’t-miss event for insurance leaders and innovators—and with it comes a lot of fun in the entertainment capital of the world.  While we’re all eager to experience one of the industry’s best events and network

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Role of NLP in Claims Management

Claims management has always been a combination of art and science. The science part tends to be fairly easy to understand, at least at a conceptual level. After all, insurers base a great many of their decisions on statistics and probability. They search for anomalies,

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