AI in 2021: Formulas for success

AI is expected to mature further this year. With these formulas, insurance carriers can strategically leverage it for the most impact. 2020 has been a year like no other, presenting previously unimaginable business challenges. Yet bright spots still emerged. Notably, the pace of innovation and

By Gary Hagmueller|2022-04-22T04:27:13-07:00Mar 2, 2021|

The Future of AI in Insurance

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have come a long way, both in terms of adoption across the broader technology landscape and the insurance industry specifically. That said, there is still much more territory to cover, helping integral employees like claims adjusters do their jobs

By Karin Golde|2022-03-24T11:57:05-07:00Feb 22, 2021|

One-on-One with New CLARA Analytics Board Member Andy Pinkes

Recently, CLARA Analytics announced the addition of two new members to its board of directors: Dave Hollander and Andy Pinkes. Last month, the CLARA team sat down with Dave to discuss his role with CLARA and what excites him about the opportunities ahead. This month,

By CLARA analytics|2022-03-24T11:57:20-07:00Jan 28, 2021|

What’s Wrong With Commercial Auto and How Do We Fix It?

Commercial auto is one of the biggest, most problematic cost centers in the insurance industry. Its loss ratios are incredibly high — and growing — particularly in comparison with other P&C lines. This makes it hard for carriers to make money on the line, and

By Gary Hagmueller|2022-03-24T11:57:30-07:00Dec 18, 2020|

One-on-One With New CLARA Analytics Board Member Dave Hollander

CLARA Analytics recently announced the appointment of Dave Hollander to its board of directors. With more than 30 years of industry experience, in roles involving both broad business and IT strategy as well as hands-on leadership and implementation of major operational change programs, Dave brings

By CLARA analytics|2022-03-24T11:57:43-07:00Dec 2, 2020|

AI Removes Guesswork in An Uncertain World

It’s been a tumultuous year. In just the span of a few weeks, COVID-19 emerged unexpectedly and abruptly altered almost every corner of the commercial insurance space. Stock market and GDP forecasts have whipsawed as economists and investors have tried to make sense of frequently

By Gary Hagmueller|2022-03-24T11:57:53-07:00Sep 11, 2020|

Three Ways AI Can Tackle the Claims Adjuster Staffing Gap

Here are three ways insurance carriers can leverage artificial intelligence to attract a new generation of talent. Commercial insurance faces a growing claims adjuster staffing gap. On the retirement end, there’s a rising tide of experienced adjusters leaving the profession. According to the Pew Research

By Thomas Ash|2022-03-24T11:58:03-07:00Sep 3, 2020|

Using AI to Identify Work Comp Fraud Related to COVID-19

As employees return to work after the COVID-19 crisis has subsided, insurers and employers will likely experience a surge in claims related to the virus. Analysts expect coverages for workers compensation, employer liability, and business interruption to be especially hard hit.[i] The California Workers Compensation Insurance

By Gregory Johnson|2022-03-24T11:58:14-07:00Aug 8, 2020|

The Journey of a Commercial Claim with AI

As the world of claims continues to evolve, AI will become even more important, driving new insights and breakthroughs. Across commercial insurance, from auto liability to workers’ compensation, claims that involve a bodily injury tend to follow a common lifecycle from the moment a claim

By Ji Li|2022-03-24T11:58:25-07:00Jul 20, 2020|

How to Recruit Claims Adjusters: Embrace Intelligence

If you look at a list of preferred jobs of college graduates, “claims adjuster” might not make the list. Insurance claims operations likely seem foreign to a 21- or 22-year old who probably has never had to file a claim. There is limited understanding about

By Thomas Ash|2022-03-24T11:58:36-07:00Jun 25, 2020|