AI in Claims Operations: Lessons Culled from the Early Innings

While there are many different segments of the commercial insurance industry, they often share a similar story. From my vantage point, the workers’ compensation system was designed to help both injured workers and employers by guaranteeing care and compensation for those injured on the job

By Jayant Lakshmikanthan|2020-01-14T23:16:40+00:00Feb 11, 2019|

A Data Science Perspective – 4 Months on the Job

Recently, we were able to interview our Director of Data Science, Ji Li, to get his viewpoint on AI, machine learning, and the impact of data science in the insurance industry. Tell us about your background. What started your career in data science? Since I

By Ji Li|2020-01-14T23:16:57+00:00Oct 29, 2018|

How to Gain Real Value from AI

As Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions are introduced to the insurance industry and a new wave of InsurTech companies rise up, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. AI-based products are designed to do a great number of things today: solve complex

By Gaby Olazabal|2020-01-14T23:26:31+00:00Oct 17, 2018|

Making the Case for AI in Commercial Insurance

Last time, we discussed some of the potential benefits of AI in commercial insurance. Now, let's talk making the business case. Many insurers are hesitant to invest in AI without proof that these theoretically smart systems will yield real-world returns. A mature AI vendor will

By Jayant Lakshmikanthan|2020-01-14T23:17:15+00:00Oct 10, 2018|

Making AI Real for Commercial Insurance

The commercial insurance industry is in an early and exciting stage of adopting artificial intelligence (AI). With widespread acceptance, AI is slated to provide a large source of value and a key driver of competitive advantage going forward. However, there is confusion about what it

By Jayant Lakshmikanthan|2020-01-14T23:17:23+00:00Sep 24, 2018|

How Every Jurisdiction Can Benefit From an Outcomes-Based Approach

Throughout this series, I have stressed the importance of connecting workers’ comp patients with great doctors at their time of need and how this results in an average of a 10 percent reduction in claims costs. I’ve also talked about the role of PPOs and EPOs. Next up:

By Gregory Moore|2020-01-14T23:17:45+00:00Jan 26, 2018|

In Workers’ Comp, It’s Quality Not Quantity That Matters

Is this claimant supposed to be off work? Did I get enough discount on the services? Were those services even necessary? I would argue that the question everyone should be asking instead is: Who is your doctor? After all, the physician is the person who

By Gregory Moore|2020-01-14T23:28:59+00:00Nov 20, 2017|