Using AI to Identify Work Comp Fraud Related to COVID-19

As employees return to work after the COVID-19 crisis has subsided, insurers and employers will likely experience a surge in claims related to the virus. Analysts expect coverages for workers compensation, employer liability, and business interruption to be especially hard hit.[i] The California Workers Compensation Insurance

By Gregory Johnson|2021-12-09T07:28:31-08:00Aug 8, 2020|

The Journey of a Commercial Claim with AI

As the world of claims continues to evolve, AI will become even more important, driving new insights and breakthroughs. Across commercial insurance, from auto liability to workers’ compensation, claims that involve a bodily injury tend to follow a common lifecycle from the moment a claim

By Ji Li|2020-12-28T14:57:02-08:00Jul 20, 2020|

How Explainable AI Changes the Game in Commercial Insurance

Artificial intelligence (AI) drives a growing share of decisions that affect every aspect of our lives, from where to take a vacation to healthcare recommendations that could affect our life expectancy. As AI’s influence grows, market research firm IDC expects spending on it to reach $98 billion in

By Dustin Oxborrow|2020-12-28T14:53:55-08:00Jul 7, 2020|

How to Recruit Claims Adjusters: Embrace Intelligence

If you look at a list of preferred jobs of college graduates, “claims adjuster” might not make the list. Insurance claims operations likely seem foreign to a 21- or 22-year old who probably has never had to file a claim. There is limited understanding about

By Thomas Ash|2020-12-28T14:59:18-08:00Jun 25, 2020|

How COVID-19 and Recession Are Upending Workers’ Comp

COVID-19 and the onset of a deep global recession are reshaping every corner of workers’ compensation, from legal issues surrounding coverage to the delivery of care to injured workers. Some of the changes can be anticipated based on prior recessions. But others are new

By Gary Hagmueller|2021-12-09T07:24:00-08:00May 5, 2020|

How AI Can Stop Workers’ Comp Fraud

Wondering how AI can help detect medical provider scams? Wonder no more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining work in nearly every industry thanks to the increase in accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that AI-based applications offer. One of the latest industries to benefit is insurance, where

By CLARA analytics|2020-12-28T15:18:16-08:00Apr 7, 2020|

Man vs. Machine: Why AI is Not a Threat to Human Jobs

A lot of the concern about artificial intelligence in the workplace appears to be based on what people have seen in cartoons, read in novels, or watched in sci-fi movies, where the world is portrayed as being overtaken by robots. Now that AI-based systems and applications are

By Thomas Ash|2021-12-09T07:27:37-08:00Dec 23, 2019|