How AI Can Stop Workers’ Comp Fraud

Wondering how AI can help detect medical provider scams? Wonder no more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining work in nearly every industry thanks to the increase in accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that AI-based applications offer. One of the latest industries to benefit is insurance, where

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Man vs. Machine: Why AI is Not a Threat to Human Jobs

A lot of the concern about artificial intelligence in the workplace appears to be based on what people have seen in cartoons, read in novels, or watched in sci-fi movies, where the world is portrayed as being overtaken by robots. Now that AI-based systems and applications are

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How Machine Learning and AI Can Help Reduce Risk

This article was first published in WorkCompWire Risk management is integral to insurance, but it’s traditionally been an inexact science. Thanks to recent technological advances, however, risk management is about to get a long-overdue upgrade. If an eyebrow is raised, it is likely because the

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The Role of Unstructured Data in AI

This article was first published in The Innovation Enterprise. The process of making artificial intelligence (AI) systems interact more like humans makes some people uncomfortable, but AI is not about replacing humans. In reality, it is much more about removing the robot from humans. A big

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How New Technology Can Modernize the Painfully Outdated MSA Process

This article was first published on Claims Journal. Ask claims adjusters what they think of Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) and you’ll likely get a wide range of answers. While most would agree, in theory, that MSAs serve a valid purpose, the way they are constructed today

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Are Businesses Ready for AI? Why the Answer Doesn’t Matter (Part 2)

This article was first published in Dataversity. In my previous article, I addressed some of the apprehension associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Now that AI is real and being put to work outside of research labs, some are afraid of losing their jobs to machines. Others

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Are Businesses Ready for AI? Why the Answer Doesn’t Matter

This article was first published on Dataversity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the business world for the past few years. Recently, there have been rumblings of fear and nervousness about AI’s long-term impact. Are we ready? Have

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What’s Hiding in Your Medical Records?

This article was first published on Claims Journal. Every year, organizations pay out millions of dollars in settlements for workers’ compensation claims for services they often shouldn’t. I’m not talking about insurance fraud but rather an unseen problem that routinely balloons out of control. It

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