CLARA MSP Compliance

Medicare Secondary Payer reports in minutes

CLARA’s MSP Compliance module streamlines future medical cost projection report production from weeks to minutes.
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Dramatically reduce the cost required to generate reports

CLARA’s industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology scans medical records, automatically compiling them into reports that meet Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines.
Save Time And Money
CLARA MSP Compliance reduces a weeks-long process to minutes, enabling claims teams to file accurate reports at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional MSA reporting.
Identify Non-compliant Treatments Or Prescriptions Embedded In Claims
Treatment and medications are run on a real-time basis against current evidence-based medicine guidelines. Users can see where the guidelines recommend against the use of a specific treatment or medication and decide to exclude them in the final report.
Quickly Assess Multiple Scenarios And Update On Demand
Generate MSA submissions with various options, including multiple claims under one report, inclusion/exclusion of comorbidities and/or alleged body parts to assess the impact on overall costs, as well as the use of traditional or EBM-based forecasting. Easily edit reports based on changing treatment and other factors.

CLARA MSP Compliance helps you make earlier, better informed claims decisions.

The CLARA MSP Compliance subscription model allows multiple report versions and report types to be run as early and as often as needed, so claims teams can make better-informed decisions about when medical management might be indicated, when to settle, which settlement path to take, and which reports might be needed.

CLARA MSP Compliance saves on expenses while accelerating submissions.

Complex regulatory guidelines for these reports are addressed automatically, so claims teams can be confident submissions will result in a reasonable CMS approval; an option to include non Medicare-covered treatments/medications is also available.

CLARA MSP Compliance works on the details so you can focus on the big picture

Let our qualified clinical staff focus on the details. We have trained MSP professionals that review our AI generated reports for accuracy. This allows you to focus on high value opportunities while we handle the rest.
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Key Benefits

  • Reduced time spent on reports from weeks to days
  • Quickly generate reports from anywhere
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The Result?

  • 33% cost reduction from industry averages
  • Improved compliance while lowering cost
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Ideal For

  • Claims professionals
  • In-house clinical staff

Streamline creation for multiple report types


Traditional MSA

Complex regulatory guidelines for these reports are addressed automatically, so claims teams can be confident submissions will result in a reasonable CMS approval; an option to include non-Medicare-covered
treatments/medications is also available.

Evidence-based Medicine MSA

Real-time programmatic comparison to evidence-based guidelines ensures only treatments and medications that are medically supported and likely to occur are included in the final report.

Zero Dollar MSA

Developed for situations where the claim has been denied or the claimant’s medical condition has completely resolved, this report demonstrates that either no future care related to the injury is indicated or the payer has no responsibility for future medical care under workers comp.

Future Medical Cost Estimate

Enables users to price out treatment and medications likely to be utilized over the course of the claim according to the state WC fee schedule or UCR data, as well as the ability to edit the tables to include or exclude items, change the usage frequency, and/or change the pricing.

CLARA MSP Compliance is secure and easy to deploy.

CLARA MSP Compliance has the flexibility to integrate with you.

CLARA Litigation is secure with annual certifications


Easy To Deploy

Our cloud-based platform can be up and running in weeks after historical data is received, including model tuning, alert configuration, and hands-on training for adjusters.

Seamless Workflows

Adjusters can access claims directly via our cloud-based module at any time from any location, or flex their existing systems with our pre-built APIs for simple integration.

Security Is Our Priority

Rest easy with HIPAA compliance, annual SOC 2 certification, and data encryption that meets or exceeds industry standards in safeguarding your data.

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