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Unlocking the Power of Document Intelligence in Claims Management

Unlocking the Power of Document Intelligence in Claims Management, ClaraAnalytics Blog

Many insurtech companies these days claim to have AI. They often offer some form of document intelligence, an AI-based solution that can embed significant document management efficiencies for claims professionals. 

Deploying AI for document intelligence is a great first step for claims professionals to adopt AI—but not all document intelligence tools are created equal (and most aren’t designed for your unique risk management needs). 

Keep reading to learn why document intelligence is all the rage in AI and how CLARA’s solution goes beyond just telling you what’s in your docs.

What is document intelligence?

Underneath the umbrella of AI, document intelligence involves using the same machine learning that fuels more sophisticated AI models to pull text, tables, and data from documents in seconds and with accuracy. 

Historically, claims professionals have had to undertake the tedious manual task of sorting through many unstructured documents:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Policy documents 
  • Legal records

With help from AI, a claims professional can quickly and accurately understand a large number of claims documents.

Document intelligence explicitly designed for claims

New AI vendors are constantly popping up, and plenty of tools are adding document intelligence as a feature. Yet, these features can be limited in their capabilities. 

Most of their models don’t understand the nuances of claims. CLARA Optics does. Optics goes beyond data extraction to give claims professionals the insights they need.

  • Optics tells users what the data means within the claim’s context. 
  • Optics scores legal and medical complexity. 
  • Users can immediately see the claim’s risk exposure. 
  • Users can set up alerts for optimal claims decisions.

The best part? You don’t have to write and rewrite prompts and search the data extractions for insights like those offered by general AI tools.

CLARA Optics elevates claims professionals’ intelligence

The claims process is already incredibly complex. Assessing, predicting, and mitigating risks is no easy feat, and claims adjusters must be adept at utilizing empathy, communication skills, and sound judgment in challenging situations. It’s equal parts art and science. AI’s predictive capabilities can be a total game-changer if you can use it to your advantage to hone your craft. 

Claims adjusters can reap the benefits of AI by choosing tools uniquely designed to simplify rather than complicate their work. 

While you may be familiar with tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, or even an earlier iteration — Siri — ‘A’I is a blanket term for a web of models with various capabilities. Finding the right fit for your industry and profession is essential. 

Many of today’s more advanced AI tools train on incomprehensible amounts of data, and claims adjusters’ tools must be informed by relevant and abundant claims data to be truly valuable. 

Utilizing document intelligence to understand claims documents is helpful, but is it what you really need? 

You’ve struck gold when you find a tool trained in claims data that synthesizes the art (decision-making) and science (data) of what you do. That’s what we call augmented intelligence.

Document intelligence and beyond

In a sea of AI options, choose the one that boosts accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. CLARA was trained on millions of closed claims, meaning you can trust that the outputs are designed to lower your risk. 
CLARA doesn’t just offer document intelligence—document intelligence and claims guidance provide that 1-2 punch to:

  • Lower your losses
  • Drive operational productivity
  • Give your employees, customers and claimants time back to focus on the things that matter for a better experience.

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to take the first step on your AI journey. 

Team CLARA Analytics

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