CLARA Optics

Unlock Actionable insights from your documents

CLARA Optics automates medical records and legal demands transcription, extraction and organization that highlights important details about each claim using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
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A second set of eyes on every medical and legal document

CLARA Optics instantly scans and analyzes claim documents, reducing risk by ensuring important details aren’t overlooked.
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Enhanced Treatment Summaries
CLARA Optics combs through case records, applies advanced algorithms to discern the most relevant information, then compiles case summaries for adjusters and nurse case managers (NCMs).
Real-time Claims Monitoring
CLARA Optics scans documents that come in for changes that could materially impact each claim, then alerts the claim manager whenever a predetermined risk threshold has been exceeded or when new details emerge.
Alerts That Drive Action
Enable a wide range of pre-configured alerts, including using a new ICD code in a patient’s case, new visits pertaining to a claim, gaps in treatment, the use of catastrophic ICD codes, or the application of unusually high-cost treatments.

With CLARA Optics, access a claim-based medical and legal record with key insights in seconds.

Claims managers have to grapple with a mountain of details, making it virtually impossible to keep tabs on every bit of new information that comes along. Reviewing medical records is time-consuming, and extracting key insights is cumbersome. As a result, significant claims events can go unnoticed—until it’s too late.

CLARA Optics provides augmented intelligence from the claim documents for better outcomes.

Optics adds a second set of eyes on your incoming claim documents. Our AI-powered technology can pull unstructured data from any PDF or TIFF file. Unlock the wealth of data that sits dormant on your scanned documents for improved productivity and claim outcomes.

Extract the records you need for your adjusters, nurse case managers, legal teams and investigation units

Anyone touching a claim can benefit from the speed and accuracy of CLARA Optics. Stop wasting countless hours reading, sorting and analyzing the hundreds of pages of medical records, legal demands, bills and other documents.
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Key Benefits

  • Adjuster & legal team productivity
  • Operational cost savings
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The Result?

  • Lower claim operational costs
  • Improved claim outcomes
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Ideal For

  • Claims adjusters
  • Nurse Case Managers
  • Legal Teams
  • Investigative Units

Extract data you need from claims records


Collate all related records

Consolidate records and bills into a chronological medical record in real time. Claim records, medical bills, and images are organized into a treatment timeline for quick summarization and review.

Display records in a single view

Access a searchable interface of all records, including scanned images, in one single, consolidated, and structured view. Quickly browse documents and images by searching for keywords and phrases.

Analyze for optimal medical and legal outcomes

Access more accurate information, faster. Set up alerts for optimal claim decisions with claim-focused analysis and insights.

CLARA Optics deploys in weeks with little IT effort

CLARA Litigation has the flexibility to integrate with you

CLARA Optics is secure with annual certifications


Easy to Deploy

Our cloud-based platform can be up and running in 8-12 weeks after historical data is received, including model tuning, alert configuration, and hands-on training for adjusters.

Seamless Workflows

Adjusters can access claims directly via our cloud-based module at any time from any location, or flex their existing systems with our pre-built APIs for simple integration.

Security is our Priority

Rest easy with HIPAA compliance, annual SOC 2 certification, and data encryption that meets or exceeds industry standards in safeguarding your data.

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Optimize claims outcomes with the power of AI