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Capture deep insights from your legal demands and medical records while delighting your claims and legal organizations! Give your team the power of generative AI to instantly scan and analyze claims documents to reduce operational expense and drive optimal claim outcomes.

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The average number of documents we expect is around 5 per claim, but this grows depending on the severity mix of your claims.
Optics reads each page of the document and even can purge duplicates!
% of Documents RecievedHourly Rate
% $
% $
% $
$0000 Estimated Gross Cost Savings*
$0000 Estimated Net Cost Savings*

* The estimated savings displayed above do not guarantee actual returns. These estimated savings/ROI are based on the results of engagements with carriers, as well as internal claims data review and analysis, dependent on specific file volumes of varying sizes and may not be indicative of any savings or ROI, if any, that your company may experience.

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