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CLARA + Guidewire Build Connections with ClaimCenter Integration

CLARA Analytics is excited to be sponsoring and exhibiting at Guidewire Connections 2022. Come say hello at booth S30 to meet the CLARA team and catch a sneak preview of how CLARA is building claims connections. RSVP here to learn more.

CLARA Analytics is thrilled to announce that our leading decision support tool will soon be natively integrated with Guidewire ClaimCenter.

Using their SurePath implementation approach, Guidewire is building an integration that will connect their customers’ claims system data to CLARA’s artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) platform. This will allow CLARA to ingest claims data directly from Guidewire, rather than manually uploading claims. 

CLARA-generated decision support alerts, insights and predictions will be automatically populated directly in Guidewire Workplan. Adjusters will be able to click on an alert, which will display some basic information about the claim, then access a hotlink to the claim in the CLARA portal. Anything adjusted in the CLARA portal will sync with Guidewire ClaimCenter. 

After listening to feedback from customers, we heard that adjusters are eager for CLARA to integrate directly with Guidewire. Thanks to this integration, adjusters will be able to easily access CLARA’s decision support right from Workplan.

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