CLARA litigation

Minimize and manage the impact of litigation

CLARA litigation uses AI insights to detect litigation risk,
manage attorney performance, and resolve claims effectively

Litigation Avoidance

Prevent claims from getting into litigation using litigation likelihood alerts

Panel Management

Optimize your panel using our attorney panel scoring

Settlement Alerts

Know when it is time to settle and save with early settlement alerts

Litigation Recommendations

Our advanced AI engine analyzes massive sets of data
in real-time to give you timely and smart recommendations.

Comprehensive Scoring

Using AI models, we can rank your attorney based on costs,
settlements, and more. Allowing you to choose the right attorney
for your unique situation.

Improve Outcomes

Use the litigation platform to improve your panel of attorneys,
and track and improve your attorney involvement rates by adjuster and venue.

Secure & Easy to Deploy


HIPAA compliant and exceeds
industry standards in safeguarding
your data

Easy to deploy

Cloud-based platform that can be
up and running in 45 days after
historical data is received

Easy to use

Designed to blend seamlessly into
your environment – no need for
complex data integration


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