CLARA MSP Compliance

Generate CMS-approvable MSP compliance reports quickly

Obtaining an MSP Compliance report can take weeks – completing the referral, coordinating with the vendor, pulling claim documents, then waiting for the analysis to be completed by the vendor – not to mention fees that often reach $3k per report. Report revisions and CMS submissions often trigger the need to go through the entire process again multiple times.

A new approach

Clara’s module streamlines future medical cost projection report production from weeks to days, dramatically reducing the work and cost involved. It scans medical records for future medical recommendations, analyzes current medical treatment from payment data, and generates future medical cost projections, automatically compiling them into reports that meet CMS guidelines. Multiple versions of a report can be generated to assess current liability and can be edited on-demand to ensure claims teams are submitting the optimal report. Alleviate the hassle by enabling adjusters to generate reports at any time via our online solution.

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