CLARA providers

Quickly identify the best doctor for every claim

With CLARA providers, you can identify and
select the best providers for your clients

Growing Network

Find the best providers across specialities and remote locations

Powered by AI

Providers are scored with our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.


Know exactly what determines the provider's scores

Advanced Search

AI-driven search engine locates top
performing physicians

Comprehensive Scoring

View provider scores across multiple areas and select
the best provider for your client

Transparent Reports

Get detailed breakdowns of your claims’ costs that
show exactly what determines provider scoring

Network Optimizer

Optimizes Your Provider Network for Quality and Coverage. Analyze coverage by provider specialty and location to identify which doctors to bring into your network

Secure & Easy to Deploy


HIPAA compliant and exceeds
industry standards in safeguarding
your data

Easy to use

Designed to blend seamlessly into
your environment – no need for
complex data integration

Easy to deploy

Cloud-based platform that can be up
and running in 45 days after
historical data is received


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