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Amerisure Adopts CLARA’s AI for Claims

In a recent episode of Advancements TV, hosted by Ted Danson, Amerisure was highlighted for adopting CLARA Analytics artificial intelligence program to improve claims outcomes for their Workers Compensation line of business. Steve Donnelly, Chief Claim Officer at Amerisure, was key in driving this adoption. Amerisure has seen an improvement in claims duration since the adoption with a 7-day lower average claim cycle and lower medical loss costs. The television episode highlights the win-win aspect of this solution as it saves on medical expenses while returning the injured worker back to health faster with the right medical provider for the specific injury.

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Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer of CLARA Analytics, is an experienced leader in using data, analytics and AI to solve complex business problems. He oversees the company’s customer success team whose primary goal is to drive customer AI adoption and measure the value generated by CLARA's leading commercial casualty insurance models.

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