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CLARA: Your Commercial Casualty Claims Intelligence Platform

Technology platforms are in vogue, and it’s for good reasons. When we think of “platform,” many good things come to mind: common user interfaces, shareability of data and insights, unified data management, and many others. At CLARA, we are building just such a platform for all our products. We want to deliver benefits to our customers beyond the superior performance and returns our individual products generate. Here’s a partial list of the benefits you’ll receive when you look to us as your commercial casualty claims intelligence platform.

Integrated Data Management: Our claims analytics platform will provide a centralized system for managing all data related to your commercial casualty claims. Our team of claim data experts ingest data directly from your claim system, clean it, standardize it, and integrate it for your use and ours. This reduces the need to switch between multiple applications and ensures that all data is consistent and current. It also enables us to create benchmarking data on your data quality which can be monitored over time. We can benchmark all your performance metrics against all carriers in our contributory database.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Having all your analytics on one platform enables improved decision-making by allowing claim managers to look across lines to evaluate how similar injuries are handled. A fractured femur is a fractured femur. It’s expected that the cost of healing one should be consistent whether the injury happened in a slip and fall claim, a commercial vehicle accident, or on the job. With our platform, you can compare similar injuries across lines and evaluate why which line’s team performs best. Digging for the root causes of any differences can help you improve the performance of underperforming teams.

Increased Efficiency: Our claims analytics platform can significantly improve efficiency by automating routine tasks and streamlining the claims process. This reduces costs and allows claims handlers to focus on more complex and value-added tasks. This happens with our platform through common user interfaces for alerts, claim details, and claim tracking. We enable adjusters to quickly move from one line to the next, or if you have adjusters specializing in certain types of claims across general liability, commercial auto, and workers comp, they only need to learn one system, ours.

Collaboration: Our integrated platform can facilitate better collaboration between managers and adjusters from different business lines. With the appropriate permissions, these people can look at cross-department dashboards, individual metrics, and claims. While we market our products as a “second set of eyes” on your claims, now our platform enables three or more sets of eyes to view claim details, progress paths, and outcomes, should you choose to allow it.

These are just some of the benefits our customers will enjoy from our commercial casualty claims intelligence platform. Stay tuned to learn more as we roll it out!

CLARA’s  casualty claims intelligence platform supports general liability, auto liability and workers compensation claims.  There is a complete line of AI decision support products for your claims team, TPA or risk management team.

CLARA Litigation uses AI to predict litigation risk based on years of prior claims, identifying tightly defined claim cohorts that yield insights about the future direction of a claim. CLARA’s industry-leading AI technology detects the drivers of common cost escalations and delivers actionable recommendations that reduce attorney involvement and litigation rates.

[Download the Litigation Product Sheet]

CLARA Optics can read legal demands in seconds and provide a summary of the key points saving hours in legal document review and thousands of dollars in attorney fees for one single claim. 

[Download the Optics Product Sheet]

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