CLARA Treatment Deployed To Identify Providers Associated With Positive Claims Outcomes

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and LANSING, Mich.— August 22, 2022 — AF Group, a nationally recognized holding company whose affiliated brands provide specialty and workers’ compensation insurance solutions across the United States, and CLARA Analytics (“CLARA”), the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for commercial insurance claims optimization, today announced a new initiative to deploy AI technology to improve medical outcomes for injured workers, while also reducing claims losses for the company’s workers’ compensation policyholders and streamlining claims management. AF Group companies will use CLARA’s industry-leading technology platform to identify the health care providers best suited to help injured employees recover successfully and return to work quickly.

AF Group comprises seven affiliated insurance brands that provide innovative, specialty insurance solutions. The company will initially deploy CLARA Treatment at Accident Fund, an AF Group brand specializing in workers’ compensation insurance for small- to mid-sized businesses. AF Group companies utilize industry-leading best practices, analytics and resources to help manage risk and minimize losses for policyholders — and always strive to provide injured workers with security, compassionate care, and the opportunity to return to work as soon as possible.

“Innovation in data analytics is a key pillar in our strategy to be the best at what we do, maintaining a culture of claims excellence and compassionate care for our customers,” said Paul Kearney, Chief Claims Officer at AF Group. “Returning to work after an injury helps employees rebuild their livelihoods and restore their quality of life. AF Group companies help those workers using a multifaceted approach that incorporates data analytics, evidence-based medicine, and smart technology. CLARA Analytics aligns nicely with that strategy — helping injured employees recover quickly while also minimizing losses for policyholders and improving our claims management processes.”

CLARA Treatment offers guidance to claims managers by identifying the best health care providers for each claim based on the specific nature of the injury. It scores health care providers within various specialties and geographical territories, identifying those who have a proven record of success with similar cases. That helps claims managers to steer each case toward a rapid resolution, helping injured workers recover more quickly while lessening policyholder losses.

“AF Group has been remarkably innovative in their use of data analytics to foster a culture of underwriting and claims excellence,” said Heather H. Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics. “CLARA’s technology fits perfectly with that ethos, delivering concrete results that will improve outcomes for injured employees, minimize losses for policyholders, and streamline claims management. Our track record proves that, and we’re very excited to bring those same benefits to AF Group and their stakeholders.”

About CLARA Analytics

CLARA Analytics is the leading AI as a service (AIaaS) provider that improves casualty claims outcomes for commercial insurance carriers and self-insured organizations. The company’s product suite applies image recognition, natural language processing, and other AI-based techniques to unlock insights from medical notes, bills and other documents surrounding a claim. CLARA’s predictive insight gives claim professionals “AI superpowers” that help them reduce claim costs and optimize outcomes for the carrier, customer and claimant. CLARA’s customers include companies from the top 25 global insurance carriers to large third-party administrators and self-insured organizations. Founded in 2017, CLARA Analytics is headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley. For more information, visit, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Accident Fund

Accident Fund has provided exceptional workers’ compensation insurance, loss prevention strategies, and superior claims service for more than 100 years, with a focus on customer experience and innovation to achieve the best outcomes for customers and their injured workers. Accident Fund is a division of AF Group. All policies are underwritten by a licensed insurer subsidiary. For more information, visit © AF Group.

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AF Group is a nationally recognized holding company whose affiliated insurance companies are premier providers of specialty insurance solutions offered through independent agents nationwide. All policies are underwritten by a licensed insurer subsidiary. For more information, visit © AF Group.


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