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WorkCompCentral: Artificial Intelligence Enhances Self-Insureds’ Advantages

As the landscape of commercial insurance evolves, self-insured companies are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies to maintain a competitive edge. In this article, we explore how artificial intelligence (AI) offers significant opportunities for self-insured organizations to enhance their advantages by streamlining processes, improving risk assessment, and optimizing claims management. From predictive analytics to fraud detection and personalized employee training, AI is revolutionizing the way self-insured companies approach workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and general liability, ultimately driving cost savings, increased efficiency, and a safer work environment.

Why Companies Self-Insure

For many companies, self-insuring their workers’ compensation and other programs is a strategic decision driven by the potential benefits it can offer over traditional insurance policies. The main reason companies opt for self-insurance is the opportunity for cost savings. By directly managing their liability risks, companies with strong safety records and low claim frequencies can often achieve lower overall costs compared to purchasing insurance from commercial carriers. Companies that self-insure, in essence cut out the middleman, and retain the net profits that they would pay to an insurer as part of their premium payments.

Self-insureds create this advantage in numerous ways:

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